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Founded by an industry veteran, passionately crafting distinctive, globally resonant games.

Our Process

Fueled by over a decade in the industry, we blend innovation with expertise. We conceive compelling game concepts, build adept teams, and prototype mechanics. We are dedicated to crafting immersive experiences that resonate globally.

Our Culture

Creativity, openness, and a strong desire to work together are all woven into the fabric of our core values. Together, we’re able to create games that not only make a splash in the world of interactive entertainment, but also leave our own unique imprint.

Lott: A Tiny Medieval Adventure

Embark on an epic quest

Dive into the captivating, quaint, Maltese medieval years where history and fantasy collide. Join Lott, a tiny knight with a grand destiny, as he journeys through the enchanting landscapes of a mythical Malta.

Monstrous Folklore

Prepare for heart-pounding challenges with exhilarating boss battles.

Immersive, Tiny, Medieval Malta

Immerse yourself in a rich medieval atmosphere brought to life with stunning visuals and intricate details. Traverse cobblestone streets, encounter bustling market stalls, and bask in the glory of historical architecture.

Assume the role of brave Lott and reshape the destiny of Malta by uncovering hidden narratives and rewriting history. Embrace the allure of a bygone era as you embark on an unforgettable adventure.


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Game Design & Creative Direction

Unlocking Possibilities

Whether your team is big or small, we deliver comprehensive Game Design and Creative Direction support. Our approach thrives on contemporary, cutting-edge techniques, fueling inspiration every step of the way. Beyond achieving outcomes, our goal is to fortify your team and studio, nurturing a culture of continuous innovation, ensuring a consistent flow of exceptional games.

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